Wigmore - Shelving System

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Design: Piero Lissoni (2021)

The Wigmore Shelving System features a structure with vertical uprights, made of anodised extruded aluminium with a rectangular cross-section, designed for both island (floor to ceiling) and wall installation. The uprights are connected to each other by structural square-sectioned crosspieces in extruded aluminium (only two per bay) which, although they are small in size, guarantee perfect structural stability.

Shelves or drawer units are fixed to the uprights through racks, creating a totally flexible and functional composition.

Each upright can be fitted with vertical LED lighting installed inside the profile section. The light, which is dimmable with remote control, is projected towards the wall.

The shelves are made of 2.5 mm thick aluminium sheet, shaped by laser cutting and then bent, to obtain a distinctive design and extraordinary resistance.
The cabinets, available with one or two drawers equipped with a soft-closing mechanism, are also made of aluminium sheet and feature fronts with a handle obtained from a specific folding of the front itself.


Uprights, Brackets and Crosspieces: Matte black anodised extruded aluminium. Adjustable feet.

Shelves: Made of 2.5 mm thick black anodised aluminium sheet, shaped by laser cutting and then bent.

Cabinets: Matte black anodised aluminium sheet. Fronts with handles are obtained from a specific folding of the front itself. Drawers are equipped with a soft-closing mechanism.

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