My Story

Hi, I’m Tony “Sanders”. I’m keeping my last name anonymous for good reason. I have family who would be politically challenged by my “radical, democratic socialist” beliefs. So I’ve chosen the patronymic of my presidential-hopeful, Bernie Sanders.

Our country used to be quite incredible. And don’t get me wrong, in some ways, it still is. But we’re not #1 anymore. We’re 27th in math and 22nd in science, 3rd in median household income, and 61st in monetary freedom. You get the idea.  The rise of the American middle class is imminent. We built our economy on the backs of regular people. And now those regular people want a piece of the pie. The American Dream is knocking at the door. And the presidential race will determine which man or woman will answer that call.

Personally, I support Senator Bernie Sanders #FeelTheBern. I’ll explain why in another post. But if this picture of him getting arrested protesting segregation doesn’t do enough for you, then your values are misplaced anyway.