Don’t Drink the Koolaid…And a Jill Stein Plug.

Let’s talk about Trump…again. Someone told me last night they believe he will be our next president. Commander and Chief Trump. What a shudder-inducing thought. Could be one of many reasons he refuses to release his tax returns and gets so nasty when questioned about it. He absolutely makes my skin crawl.

He is NOT the only hope this country has right now. We need a tough leader who loves this country and its people, not a money-grubbing hot dog fingered sexist.

If he is our only hope, then we are sunk. His vision for America is diametrically opposed to the Gospel of Christ, for one thing. He has no experience in government,m deals with confrontation like a five yr old, and has done more to divide not only the country but his own party. He is an embarrassment – and we will be the laughing stock of the world. He is monumentally unprepared on the issues. It’s actually shocking how little he knows about foreign policy and politics.

The world is looking at us in dismay. We have been given an IQ test, and so far we are failing. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO. I’m #TeamBernie and I hate hearing how that makes me a lazy person. I work 4 jobs and I took no student loans out. Hillary will have my vote this fall even though I’m not her biggest fan. Bout time we put a woman in office.
Trump is a joke, bottom line. A racist, misogynistic asshole. He will make money off the backs of our soldiers and undo all the good that Obama has been trying to get done.
Anyway, that’s my rant about dumpy. Now on to better and more beautiful things…Jill Stein. Who is Jill Stein? Glad you asked.
Dr. Jill Stein was the Green Party’s 2012 candidate for President. She holds the current record for most votes ever received by a female candidate for President of the United States in the general election. She is a mother, an organizer, physician, and pioneering environmental-health advocate.
The Green Party is all about environmentally conscious jobs, solar energy and the legalization of cannabis. In her own words, “My Power to the People Plan creates deep system change, moving from the greed and exploitation of corporate capitalism to a human-centered economy that puts people, planet and peace over profit. It offers direct answers to the economic, social, and ecological crises brought on by both corporate political parties. And it empowers the American people to fix our broken political system and make real the promise of democracy. This plan will end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of everyone in our society and our world. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes, it’s not in our dreams – it’s in our hands.”
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