Super Tuesday Number Whatever We’re On: Review

Clinton and Trump dominate. Fuck that. I’m about to vote for Jill Stein’s Green Party ass. I was listening to NPR and Russell Brand talk about the election and how in the history of American politics, the richest, most heavily funded campaign wins out. Every. Single. Time. So we could technically skip all the bullshit of the election process and just award the position of president to the richest party. It’s proof the system is rigged. It has nothing to do with who actually deserves the “crown” or who is the best fit for the country or who the democracy cast their vote for. That’s BS. Anyone who believes that we have some sort of electoral system needs to just watch what’s going on. A two-party system that awards media attention and superdelegates to the richest candidate…tell me that’s not some type of sanctimonious puppet show.

Anyway, here’s the rundown of the latest primary election Super Tuesday. Trump swept the Republican primaries in five East Coast states on Tuesday, while Clinton won in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Delaware, losing only Rhode Island to Bernie Sanders.

Cruz has named Fiorina as his running mate, surprisingly a good choice from the creepy tea party candidate. Fiorina built her campaign’s platform around the premise that she served as the former president of Hewlett Packard, a company she led from 1999 to 2005.

With as many votes as they have, Trump and Hillary have this election all but in the bag. Which kind of sucks. Bernie is close to Hillary in the state votes, but trailing significantly by the super delegate vote count. He turned his attention to the super delegates on Tuesday night, asking them directly to change their minds and not support Clinton. Wishful thinking, but it won’t make a difference. The money is with Hillary, so that is how the big whigs will vote.

It’s an utter shame because he stands for the common man and she stands for corporate America, not on the side of the little guys.

I guess I kind of feel bad for Hillary Clinton on the one hand because of her piece of shit husband who cheated on her with how many women? But you had to know she was gonna pull this again and run for president. We all saw it coming. Let’s just give her her shot at the white house and let her become ineligible to run again. That would really be nice. No more Clintons. Until their trogolodyte daughter or grandchild decides to run and keep feeding the idea that America is run by the few rich families who happen to make a good enough impression on the rich.

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