Who Would Jesus Vote For?


This post may come across as a little defensive. And the reason for that is that I am sick of having to explain the difference between a Communist and a Socialist. I’m sick of people assuming I’m on welfare just because I sport a Bernie Sanders sticker.

I work 50 hours a week—at least. And I still barely crack 40,000 a year in salary. Yes, I hold a 4-year degree. I am working on my Master’s Degree—slowly, but it’s happening, people. Yet, I’m working 3 jobs to take care of myself. My main job doesn’t even pay me what Bernie wants minimum wage to be. My CEO makes MILLIONS of dollars a year, takes half the year off to travel and do her thing. Yet, I’m struggling. And I’m just as smart, just as hard working, just not as privileged. How is that a fair system? Fact is, it’s not.

I can show you from the damn BIBLE why Bernie is the best candidate. Here’s a few reasons why I support Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America:

  1. He’s for peace. (Blessed are the peacemakers.)
  2. He’s against violence. (Love your enemies.)
  3. He’s against the death penalty. (Thou shalt not kill.)
  4. He’s against greed. (You cannot serve God and money.)
  5. He’s been preaching compassion for decades. (But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you.)
  6. He has no religious agenda, he just wants to help. (Do unto others.)

Just like Jesus, Bernie champions the poor and uses the political system to promote his message of peace. Is this blasphemous? Some may think so. I’m sorry if you are offended. No I’m not. You can’t argue with facts. The fact is that their messages and methods are very similar. Jesus had the dove. Bernie had the bird.



Remember too, Jesus was a Jew. A historical Jew. The historical Jesus bears no resemblance to the American Jesus that hangs on every Christian bookstore blanket and t-shirt, conjured up by the religious right. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, the Bush’s…they’re seeking the white evangelical vote. So of course they’ll make Jesus fit their political ideals.

If, like many of my family & myself, the Bible is what you base your life off of, please know…Jesus instructed us to love our neighbors—INCLUDING THE SAMARITANS. I guess you could call them the Muslims of his time period. He obviously preferred the sinners and the poor over the rich, religious class.


And so does Bernie. Bernie would help the poor, the small business owner like my friends at Newark Roofing Service, my family at Sam’s Books, my cousins, your family…he’s for us.

Rant over.


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