Thoughts from a Bernie Supporter: Why I’m Voting for the Socialist Jew

Corporate media (that I usually support because of their liberal agenda, but now they’ve been purchased in the name of freedom of the press) will not talk about it; so I will.


Here’s my response to the common reasons why people do not support Sanders. They say:

When Bernie says FREE, it’s not really FREE.

That’s correct. It’s not free. The programs Bernie is promoting are democratic socialist programs, like our local Columbus fire departments, roads, police force, and military. Free in this case means paid for by public funding as an investment in the future of our country. Well-educated, healthy, happy people hold higher-paying jobs, which generate more taxes that pay for these programs in turn. It’s like a circle. Give them education, give them healthcare, give them a break, they produce. The jobs that are created fuel money back into the economy and the top 1% of the country, people like Donald Motherfucking Take-A-Dump-Trump, are the ones who will be heavily taxed.

You are not entitled to someone else’s hard-earned money.

Agreed. However, you’re not very educated if you allow this train of thought to keep you from voting Sanders. Our society uses taxes, which all working people must pay, for a variety of things which benefit everyone. Roads, schools national defense, government, national parks, libraries, you name it. This doesn’t mean we’re entitled. It’s an investment in our social infrastructure and our country’s quality of life, dammit.

You can’t tax a nation into prosperity.

You can reconsider fair tax rates though. Especially for people in ALL income brackets. Do you know how much money Apple, Inc. avoided last year alone in taxes because it sends manufacturing overseas to Ireland? Drumroll, please…$59 BILLION dollars. Billion with a ‘B’. Get my point? Instead of paying for huge corporate bailouts, bank bailouts etc, we can redistribute funds in a manner which benefits working middle class families. We can stop providing tax breaks to corporations that are sending their business overseas to fund military actions. Yeah, I said it.

The rich are not responsible for your financial situation, you are.

These rich people you refer to…they’re responsible for changing the face of America as we know it. This isn’t your casual millionaire. These are disgusting, sweaty, money-hungry pigs that have kept American wages down in the interest of stuffing their own pockets. Companies like Verizon, Apple, Walmart etc…The money we spend on their products, well, that money used to pay the American workers and stay in our economy. Now it pays foreign workers, providing profits which go into rich bank accounts, and not your own. That is wrong. That is unjust. That is anti-American. It should be treasonous. But money buys silence and Clintons, so what can we do? I’ll tell you what, elect a man who will put a stop to it and take on the billionaire class.

Socialism will destroy innovation.

Public highways, parks, bridges, police and fire departments, schools, water treatment plants…these are SOCIALIST programs. They haven’t destroyed your livelihood. So shut the fuck up. Nothing in Bernie’s plan (including his tax plan, have you read it? I have.) will prevent people from starting innovative businesses and pursuing the American Dream.


Okay, rant over.

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