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Super Tuesday Number Whatever We’re On: Review

Clinton and Trump dominate. Fuck that. I’m about to vote for Jill Stein’s Green Party ass. I was listening to NPR and Russell Brand talk about the election and how in the history of American politics, the richest, most heavily

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Not My Monkey, Not My Circus: An Overview of the Republican Debates So Far!

The Republican debates are not only a circus side show, they’re a breeding ground for inequality. I wanted to sum up some of the most interesting moments so far from the 2016 GOP debates in this blog post, so here

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Who Would Jesus Vote For?

This post may come across as a little defensive. And the reason for that is that I am sick of having to explain the difference between a Communist and a Socialist. I’m sick of people assuming I’m on welfare just

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The NY Primary: A Review

Before I delve in, I want us to define a few terms. Democratic Socialist: Not a socialist. Not a communist. Someone who believes in democracy (government elected by eligible citizens) and social programs (policemen, roads, army, firemen). Closed Primary: An

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A Case Against Dumpy Trumpy

The New York Times recently published a story about Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner for this year’s 2016 presidential election. What a shame that someone like this is taken seriously by ANYBODY. The Times called Trump “erratic, inconsistent, unprincipled, possessing

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Thoughts from a Bernie Supporter: Why I’m Voting for the Socialist Jew

Corporate media (that I usually support because of their liberal agenda, but now they’ve been purchased in the name of freedom of the press) will not talk about it; so I will. Here’s my response to the common reasons why

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